If you treat men the way they are, you never improve them. If you treat them the way you want them to be, you do.
Issy Crocker

Corporate Training

Whilst we can cover most aspects of management or leadership training, and all ‘peoples’ skills’, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is our speciality. In parallel we nearly always invite basic LISTENING SKILLS development, assisting our participants to see the world through the eyes of another – an essential management skill.


Too often a valid criticism of corporate training is that after a great course, on return to work, facing the same deadlines and challenges, nothing changes.


We bring depth to our learning processes and offer a personal experience of change. Our participants go away with greater clarity about what they can and can’t influence, and with tools to enable them to proactively handle their work and their work environment differently.


We encourage them to continue to grow beyond the training sessions by using what they now know and giving it away to others who have not yet experienced it. By being different in themselves they can influence change around them – and so the participants continue to grow.


Concurrently, the influence of our training spreads, and at no greater investment to the company.


In business now for over twenty years, our clients generally reach us through recommendation. We like it this way, as we don’t need to convince them of the quality they will get, and together we can get straight down to the business of making a significant difference for them and their people.


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