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E. M. Forster
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Power of Connection

Would you like to enhance all the relationships and partnerships in your life - for the rest of your life? 

Do you find yourself so busy talking, and doing, and making things happen that you don't take a moment to connect with what is going on inside you?  Have you noticed how clear and simple things become when you do? You know what you want; you feel different about yourself and the people around you; and things happen easily and naturally.  It works for others too when you connect with them.  You create a different quality of relationship.


Our experience of relating to others is often associated with difficult feelings, from blame and resentment to jealousy and guilt.  It's not surprising that emotional distance and separation are seen as the norm, and inevitable part of relationships.  This course from the More To Life Programme shows you how to release and let go of those separating feelings, revealing many more connecting feelings, like passion and compassion, gratitude, satisfaction and joy.


Connecting is not just a powerful skill, it will help you to become a more fulfilled individual, a more caring friend and a more loving partner, as well as a more successful parent, a more productive colleague and a more effective leader. It will even teach you a way to manage conflict. You will generate respect, creativity, mutual empowerment and deep love. 


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