The highest reward for a man's toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it.
John Ruskin
Issy Crocker

Meet the Team

Issy Crocker Issy Crocker
Issy Crocker is a skilled trainer with over 20 years experience in restorative processes, mentoring and coaching in business, voluntary and public sectors. She is an outstanding coach, intuitive facilitator and insightful trainer on restorative practice and interpersonal matters. Being in one of her workshops is an immensely rewarding experience.


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Joseph Duncan Joseph Duncan
Joseph works as a mentor, facilitator and trainer with people from a diverse range of backgrounds. He co-founded Ubuntu Youth a restorative practice organisation for young people based in Camberwell South London and delivers contract facilitation projects in leadership development and restorative processes. He has a passion for creating spaces where people can connect with their common humanity and move themselves and their community forward.

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Pam Barmby Pam Barmby

Pam has an outstanding ability to understand people from different ages, cultures or backgrounds, and to see things from their point of view.  Background in Overseas Development, Training, Mediation, Local Authority, Education and Conflict Resolution.  She is excellent at building relationships, demonstrates patience, courage and integrity.  She'll take a firm stand and challenge inappropriate behaviour. Recognised for her warmth, compassion and humour.

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Alison Wood Alison Wood

Alison has a calm, gentle manner and a down-to-earth knowledge of human dreams and human frailties. She coaches with sensitivity and patience, humour and enthusiasm. With Alison as your coach, you get a steadfast, honest support and powerful encouragement to be your best.

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Pauleen Ward Brown Pauleen Ward Brown
Pauleen’s key areas of work are personal and management development.   As a coach Pauleen’s empathetic and pragmatic style elicits an environment of trust facilitating outstanding results.  With her you can discover and move beyond self-limiting beliefs in order to achieve your goals.  She marries natural intuitive resourcefulness and skill with knowledge gleaned studying (MBA) and practice from years developing and delivering business trainings.

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Will Pyke Will Pyke

Will spent 14 years in international business working and studying for a household name in car production.  Masters qualified in Engineering and speaking 3 languages he has held leadership and project management posts and led industrial training throughout Europe, in America and in the UK. 

Increasingly interested and skilled in change at the appropriate level - whether individual, team or system.  He is a Self Esteem Mentor.

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Martin Dancey Martin Dancey

Martin is a Chartered Engineer with long experience of working alongside individuals and teams, enabling them to define and achieve their corporate and personal goals. He gives practical but sensitive support drawn from a track record of successful projects in manufacturing, research and change management.

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